Texas Critters: “The Bucket” video

I first came across The Bucket video on Mashable. Come to find out, it was filmed in Terlingua, Texas by TheFieldLab. It was published on May 5, 2017 and already has over 1+ million views.

I was captured by the tranquility of the clear bucket water and blue sky. Not knowing what to expect, the idea of placing a cam under a drinking bucket to see what kind of or if any animals would come in for a sip, is just amazing as it reminds us that not only every living creature needs water intake, but just how similar animals are to humans in the instinct that when on a hot day, you come across a bucket of tantalizing water and take a drink to cool off. There is no better place or time to sit back and watch our precious farm critters enjoying a tasty sip, than on a hot Texas day.

Let’s see who shows up!


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